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January 15, 2024

Egypt and its mysteries await you

Your destination: the pyramids of Saqqara, Meydum and the world famous Great Pyramids of Giza. On site, put yourself in the shoes of a budding explorer: thanks to the magic of digital technology, you will discover the mysterious history of these monuments that have shaped our imagination for 5,000 years!

The Great Pyramids as you have never seen them

Equipped with a 360° virtual reality headset, discover the great pyramids from the sky - a few moments of a magical flight above these stone giants, long the largest buildings ever built by Man. Admire from above Kheops, Khephren, Mykérinos, the Sphinx... as you have always dreamed.

Experience history from the inside

Rare privileged, you will enter for the first time inside the Great Pyramids to explore the galleries and secret chambers that protected for several millennia the sacred remains of the Pharaohs. Fun and instructive, the experience is punctuated with information and animations that allow the youngest to discover the millennial history of these monuments and the secrets of their past.

Explore an exceptional world heritage

A real technological feat, you will be struck by the realism of the experience and will have the impression of really traveling to the heart of these mythical pyramids, classified as a UNESCO heritage site.

The world's first virtual reality rendition, FlyView offers you an unusual experience that you should not miss under any circumstances!



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