A look at our changing planet

21-22 CHINA

360° seat-mounted teleportation
19 min teleportation
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Contemplate our changing planet

A meditative and immersive journey

Seated in a 360° swivel seat, take to the skies of China on an unprecedented journey that's both immersive and meditative, discovering spectacular landscapes that have also been shaped by man's imprint.

The journey takes you through China from the air and its almost unreal landscapes. We discover vast open-cast coal mines in northern China, golden deserts along the ancient Silk Road, futuristic megacities in the interior of mainland China, immense magnificent natural parks and much more.

A new vision of the modern world

This experience immerses viewers in the current state of our planet, in the Anthropocene era, where man has become the main force of transformation on Earth, surpassing even geophysical forces.

Through panoramas untouched by human activity and saturated metropolises, take a critical look at the impact of our activity on the earth's ecosystems. Seen from above, the view is striking, offering a vertiginous perspective on our contemporary reality.

A captivating experience

Seated in swivel chairs, spectators are transported through a poetic and critical montage of scenes captured across the country. This adventure explores places that are often inaccessible, offering a 360° view of a planet in constant mutation.

Without verbal narration, the soundtrack envelops the senses, creating an evocative and immersive cinematic experience, where the images speak for themselves.

An immersive, meditative journey through natural and man-made landscapes.

A meditative journey on man's footprint on the planet, totally astonishing.

Zhang Min
Very original

I loved it, it's something unique and original, not to be missed.

Jean Martin
A fabulous journey

A fabulous immersive journey through the skies of China

Francis Durand
Different and original

I enjoyed seeing China from a different, original point of view.

Jacqueline Girard

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the places overflown?

We discover vast open-cast coal mines in northern China, golden deserts along the ancient Silk Road, futuristic megalopolises in the interior of mainland China, immense magnificent natural parks and much more: Dunhuang desert, Chongqing city, Changsha city, Zhengzhou, Inner Mongolia (Chinese autonomous region), Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Jiaohe Ruins, Huangshan Mountains...

What is the ambition of this experiment?

The experience immerses us in the Anthropocene, a geological period in which man emerges as the predominant force of transformation on Earth, surpassing natural influences. The film takes us through territories untouched by human presence as well as saturated urban areas, where we critically contemplate the imprint of human activity on terrestrial ecosystems. From an aerial perspective, this reality becomes obvious and impressive, giving rise to a feeling of vertigo at the extent of our impact on the planet.

How was the experiment carried out?

Director Thierry Loa spent three years creating this immersive experience, exploring China from the sky in virtual reality. Filming at 360 degrees with the help of drones has made it possible to capture never-before-seen panoramas and reach places that are usually out of reach. This virtual reality production offers a strikingly realistic immersion. "21-22 CHINA which has won several international awards, is the second part of a series entitled "21-22 Earth", which is scheduled to include a total of five chapters.

Why does FlyView offer this experience?

Since its genesis, FlyView has been dedicated to pushing back the boundaries of the imagination and offering unique and memorable experiences to its audiences. The "21-22 China" project perfectly embodies the essence of FlyView, which is to present the world from a radically different angle. Thanks to virtual reality, FlyView's experiences invite visitors on extraordinary immersive journeys, enabling them to discover the inaccessible: to see what is invisible, to accomplish what is unthinkable.

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