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EVJF/EVG a flyview

Fun guaranteed!

The unusual experience to live with friends

You are a wedding witness and looking for an original activity for your friend's EVG in Paris? How about a fun and original experience at FlyView?

Embark with the groom for a spectacular virtual reality flight over Paris or a unique trip that will take you to the most exceptional places on the planet!
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As soon as you arrive at the FlyView Terminal, your group will be taken care of by our team who will take you to the briefing room before reaching the take-off or teleportation area...

FlyView is equipped with four virtual reality rooms, each of them allowing you to live this experience together for a real moment of conviviality between friends.
At the end of the experience, our photo booth offers you a last fun and original moment to share with your friends. Come and discover FlyView, it's the assurance of an original EVJF/EVG! Our team is at your disposal for any special request.
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One experience is good, but two is even better!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why organize an EVG / EVJF at FlyView?

Nowadays, no more humiliation sessions, but rather an activity that will make your wedding day an unforgettable moment!

The FlyView experience is the assurance of a successful surprise for the bride and groom and all their friends. What could be better than offering them to fly over Paris in a jetpack and in virtual reality before the big jump of their wedding! Discovery, emotion, fun, dream ... all the sensations are gathered so that this day remains engraved in the memory of all participants.

How to book?

As places are limited, we strongly advise you to book in advance on our website www.flyview360.com. A ticket office is also available on site.

What is virtual reality?

The term virtual reality encompasses a series of computer technologies that aim to immerse one or more people in a virtual environment created by software. At FlyView, the term immersive reality is used because the visitor is immersed in a bubble of ultra-real images of Paris and the world.

How many people can participate at a time?

Flyview Paris has two take-off areas equipped with 25 jetpacks each and a 32-seat teleportation room. The experience can be enjoyed alone, as a couple, with family or friends.

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