Egypt and its mysteries await you


360° seat-mounted teleportation
18 min of teleportation
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The Pyramids are unveiled

Saqqarah, Meidum and the mythical Pyramids of Giza open up to you.

On site, you become an explorer. You discover the secrets of a thousand-year-old history that has fuelled the dreams of adventurers and archaeologists for decades.

Discover the Great Pyramids through virtual reality, from a unique vantage point, as you contemplate some of the world's greatest man-made edifices. Admire Kheops, Khepren, Mykerinos and the Sphinx. Enter the heart of the Pyramids, where no one has gone before.

You will be able to explore the secret passages, the galleries and the chambers that protect this coveted tomb. This is a unique and immersive way to discover the richness of these monuments, and an opportunity to learn more about Egyptian civilisation, its rites and customs.

This experience is a world first. The unparalleled rendering pushes immersion to its highest point. The realism of the images is striking, and the sensation of depth as you walk through these relics of the past provides unique emotions. History is discovered thanks to the technologies of the future.

The pyramids open their secrets to you, will you be up to it?

"A real change of scenery."
Great activity and above all great welcome!

Experience to test to visit inaccessible places (for us the inside of the pyramids: incredible!) Activity to recommend +++.

A round trip to Egypt in 35 minutes!

It was as if we were there, it was crazy to enter the pyramids of Egypt! A great experience and super realistic.

An original and instructive experience

The flight over the Pyramids was beautiful... again, better than the walk! Definitely would recommend - great for kids!

Arizona, USA
In the heart of the Pyramids

The experience is punctuated with information and animations that allow the youngest visitors to discover the thousand-year-old history and secrets of the Pyramids.


Frequently Asked Questions

How was the experiment designed?

Designed in collaboration with the French start-up Iconem, a pioneer in the digitisation of heritage, the 360° virtual reality experience is the result of an extraordinary entrepreneurial and scientific adventure that has led Iconem to carry out large-scale 3D digitisation campaigns around the world, including a mission to Egypt in 2018 from which the data used for this experience was derived. The technology used (photogrammetry) consists of a high-definition X-ray made up of hundreds of thousands of photographs taken on site. From these images, Iconem created photogrammetric scans, a 3D photograph that allows the creation of a digital twin of the monument. It is this digital twin that serves as the backdrop for this totally immersive experience.

What is the pathway of experience?

Your teleportation starts in the middle of the desert, on the site of Saqquarah in front of the step pyramid of Djoser (first pharaoh of the IIIrd dynasty), whose construction was ordered by Imhotep in the XXVIIth century BC. You will then head to Meydum to admire from the sky and inside the very first Egyptian pyramid with smooth faces, also called "the false pyramid", built by the pharaoh Snefrou (IV dynasty), also at the origin of the Pyramids of Dahshur. Your immersive journey continues on the Giza Plateau, world famous for its three great pyramids listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Khephren, Mykerinos, and Cheops, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. After enjoying the view for a while, you will head towards the largest monolithic sculpture in the world: the Sphinx!

What do we learn from the experience? For which audience?

While the texts and information given during the guided tour are accurate and validated by the archaeologists of the French Institute of Egypt, the experience is nonetheless accessible to the general public. The experience, which mixes historical facts with surprising anecdotes in a playful way, will make you discover the fascinating history of the construction of the pyramids, their secret chambers and their famous builders: the pharaohs.

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