A look at our changing planet

21-22 USA

360° seat-mounted teleportation
19 min teleportation
French - English
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Take a look at our changing planet

A meditative and immersive journey

From a 360° swivel seat, take to the skies of the United States on an unprecedented journey that's both immersive and meditative, discovering spectacular landscapes that are also marked by man's imprint.

The journey takes you through the United States as seen from the air, in all its diversity. Explore the vast geological landscapes of Arizona and Utah to the stunning skyscrapers of New York, the sprawling suburbs and complex road infrastructure of Los Angeles, the eye-opening oil production operations of Texas and much more.

A new perception of the modern world

The experience plunges you into the current state of our world in the Anthropocene, a new geological epoch characterized by the advent of humans as the main force of change on Earth, surpassing geophysical forces.

Through landscapes untouched by humans and saturated urban landscapes, observe and take a critical look at the impact of human activity on our planet's ecosystems. Seen from the sky, this becomes an undeniable, awe-inspiring reality that almost makes you dizzy.

A gripping experience

Set in a rotating seat, the experience offers a poetic and critical assembly of scenes from different corners of the country. This journey allows us to explore places that are often inaccessible, offering an unprecedented 360° perspective of a planet in the throes of transformation.

Without verbal narration, the soundtrack captures our attention, offering us an evocative and gripping cinematic experience.

An immersive, meditative journey through natural and man-made landscapes.

An incredible vision of man's footprint on the planet, with exceptional images.

Robert Green

An original journey with a bird's eye view of some of the most incredible places in the USA.

Lorenzo Bianchi

I loved the view of the U.S. skyline from the sky.

Rodrigo Perez

An exceptional adventure, a vision of the United States never seen before!

Marie Clare Lefebvre

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the places overflown?

We explore from the vast geological landscapes of Arizona and Utah through New York, or the sprawling suburbs and complex road infrastructure of Los Angeles, to the revealing oil production operations of Texas: New York City, Los Angeles, Cape Coral, Oljato-Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Utah's badlands, Goosenecks State Park, Hoover Dam ...

What is the ambition of this experiment?

The experience plunges us into the heart of the Anthropocene, an era in which mankind is becoming the main driving force of change on Earth, outstripping even natural forces. The film takes us on an exploration of landscapes both preserved and transformed by human activity, offering a critical look at its impact on our planet's ecosystems. From above, this vision becomes a striking and dizzying reality, revealing the extent of our influence on our environment.

How was the experiment carried out?

It took director Thierry Loa 2 years to create this experience of discovering the USA from the air in virtual reality. Filmed from above with the help of drones and in 360°, this journey allows us to explore often inaccessible places from an unprecedented perspective. The virtual reality production makes for a true-to-life immersion experience. 21-22 USA is the second part of a series entitled "21-22 Earth", which is scheduled to include 5 installments.

Why does FlyView offer this experience?

Since its inception, FlyView has been committed to expanding the horizons of the imagination and offering unique and memorable experiences to its visitors. The "21-22 USA" project is fully in line with the very essence of FlyView, which is to present the world from a totally new angle. Thanks to virtual reality, FlyView experiences pave the way for exceptional immersive journeys, making the impossible possible: seeing the invisible, achieving the unattainable.

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