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April 22, 2024

Launch of 21-22 Earth

The awakening of the volcano: a video mapping to discover from May 30 to June 2, 2024.

This year, Focus Cameroun III will present an exclusive video mapping and augmented reality exhibition at FlyView Paris, two original productions directly inspired by Cameroonian cosmogonies. Through these two creations specially designed for the occasion, audiences will be invited to discover - or rediscover - certain aspects of the mythological tales of Cameroonian tradition, reinvented, reinterpreted and magnified thanks to new technologies and digital tools.

When Thunder Mountain breaks loose...

In the south-west of the country, not far from the Atlantic coast, stands Mount Cameroon, a still-active volcano that local populations call "Mongo-mo-Ndemi" ("Mountain of the Gods"). Its highest point, Mount Fako ("Mongo-ma-Loba", or "Thunder Mountain"), stands proudly, sovereign of its lush vegetation and the people who have settled at its foot.

So when one fine day Mount Cameroon awakens, pouring out all its wrath in fire and lava, the whole country is threatened with being devoured and reduced to ashes by the ravaging flames. A huge procession begins: groups from all over the country take turns invoking their greatest rites. But nothing works. They realize that only by coming together in communion can they appease the wrath of Mount Cameroon.

Video mapping and an augmented exhibition!

A modern tale inspired by the traditional stories of Cameroonian cultures, this video mapping is a voyage of initiation celebrating the union of the country's four major cultural areas (Sawa, Grassfields, Soudano-Sahelian and Fang-Béti-Bulu) in the service of a common destiny. The video mapping "La Colère du Mont Cameroun" (The Wrath of Mount Cameroon) will be accompanied by an augmented reality exhibition to extend the experience.

The fruit of a Franco-Cameroonian co-production, these two works were produced on the initiative of the Institut français du Cameroun. They will be previewed at FlyView Paris during Focus Cameroun III, from May 30 to June 2, 2024.
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New FlyView immersive experience.

Discover 21-22 Earth

China and the USA seen from the sky - a first!

A unique look at our changing planet, to be discovered from April 6, 2024.

FlyView Paris, a pioneer in the field of virtual reality experiences, announces today, on the occasion of its 6th anniversary, the launch of a new immersive experience: "21-22 Earth". This series of immersive VR films offers viewers an unprecedented planetary journey, revealing the current state of our world at the dawn of the Anthropocene, a new geological epoch characterized by the advent of humans as the main force for change on Earth, surpassing geophysical forces. Experience shows us that the influence of human activity on the Earth is more pervasive and expansive than ever.

China and the USA from the sky

Come and discover the exclusive FlyView versions of the first two parts of this series, entitled "21-22 China" and "21-22 USA", which offer a unique look at our world. At a time when the planet is facing the challenges of climate change and species extinction, these experiences, made up of non-synthesis images illustrating real-life situations, offer viewers a perspective beyond the human scale to bear witness to the massive influence of anthropocentric activity on the planet.

These FlyView versions of "21-22 China" and "21-22 USA" invite viewers to fly over these two countries for twenty minutes, in a striking and meditative journey. Through landscapes untouched by humans and saturated, dehumanized urban landscapes, director Thierry Loa observes and takes a critical look at the impact of human activity on our planet's ecosystems. Seen from the sky, this becomes an undeniable and impressive reality, almost dizzying.

"21-22 China : FlyView version

In this first part, the viewer flies over landscapes that are almost unreal, so little known are they. We discover vast open-pit coal mines in northern China, golden deserts along the ancient Silk Road, futuristic megacities in the interior of mainland China, immense magnificent natural parks and much more.

Non-exhaustive list of places flown over: 21-22 China : Dunhuang desert, Chongqing city, Changsha city, Zhengzhou, Inner Mongolia (Chinese autonomous region), Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Jiaohe Ruins, Huangshan Mountains ...


"21-22 USA: FlyView version

This second instalment takes us through the United States as seen from the air, in all its diversity. We explore the vast geological landscapes of Arizona and Utah, the stunning skyscrapers of New York, the sprawling suburbs and complex road infrastructure of Los Angeles, the eye-opening oil production operations of Texas, and much more.

Non-exhaustive list of places flown over: 21-22 USA: New York City, Los Angeles, Cape Coral, Oljato-Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Utah's badlands, Goosenecks State Park, Hoover Dam ...


The immersive films in "21-22" prefer to show rather than tell, offering a poetic and critical assemblage of scenes from different corners of the globe. Filmed from above, these journeys allow visitors to explore places that are often inaccessible, offering an unprecedented 360° perspective of a planet in the throes of transformation.

Without verbal narration, the soundtrack grabs the viewer's attention, offering an evocative and gripping cinematic experience.

"21-22 Earth" marks a new era in the VR experience, as visitors are invited to discover the world. FlyView invites fans of culture, new-genre cinema and the curious to embark on this extraordinary journey to the heart of our changing planet.

"Since its inception, FlyView has been committed to pushing the boundaries of the imagination and offering unique and unforgettable experiences to its visitors. The 21-22 Earth project fits perfectly into FlyView's DNA, which is to show the world from a completely different point of view. Through virtual reality, FlyView's experiences offer visitors extraordinary immersive journeys and make the unattainable possible: seeing what you can't see, doing what you can't do."

Produced and directed by Thierry Loa*, the films "21-22 China" and "21-22 USA" are the first two in a series of immersive films begun in 2018. The films took between 2 and 3 years to make, and Thierry Loa has won several international awards: 21-22 China won the Prix Nouvelles Écritures at FIPADOC 2023 (a prize offered by the Société civile des auteurs multimédia: SCAM), Prix du Jury Panorama VR at the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma de Montréal, Grand Prix du Jury at the ART VR festival in Prague 2023, Prix du public (Premio Visioni) at Visioni dal Mondo Milano 2023.

For the exclusive FlyView versions, Thierry has reformatted his two opuses to create customized versions: "21-22 China : FlyView version" and "21-22 USA : FlyView version".

For more information on "21-22 Earth" and other FlyView experiences, please visit our website at


*Thierry Loa is an interdisciplinary producer, filmmaker and new media content creator. Having studied multimedia, philosophy, film, anthropology and geography, he explores and works in a variety of visual and media disciplines on a diverse and mixed range of projects including photography, video installation, film, interactive and virtual reality works.

Experiences available from April 6, 2024

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