Paris and all its secrets

Paris Undercover

360° seat-mounted teleportation
18 min of teleportation
French - English
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Paris unveils itself. Through virtual reality

Discover for the first time all the secrets of the capital.

An amazing journey awaits you. A unique opportunity to travel to places that are normally inaccessible to the public.

Find out more about the hidden side of our city's emblematic places. Discover what lies beneath the Place de la Bastille. Explore the machine room of the Eiffel Tower, walk around the roofs of the Grand Palais and explore its glass roof, and play tightrope walker on the mythical iron roofs.

An unprecedented experience for young and old.

There is so much mystery to discover around you, take a seat.

"After 18 minutes of teleportation, the verdict is in: it's a blast."
Great to see inaccessible places in Paris

This experience allows us to learn a lot about places in Paris that are no longer accessible or that would be very difficult to access.

I loved it!

It's incredible and really worth doing! Simply incredible. You feel really lucky to discover such details, never revealed to the public.

Great experience

It's great fun to experience Paris like this. Very fun, to be repeated and recommended!


Ultra-realistic sensations, incredible images! Paris as you've never seen it before, and what's more, you learn things.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tour route?

The FlyView teleportation system will take you to some of the most secret places in Paris: you will find yourself in turn in the basement of the Eiffel Tower, in the engine room installed in the 19th century, on top of the glass roof of the Grand Palais, the largest in Europe, at the top of the spire of the Sainte Chapelle overlooking the heart of the City, in the secret corridors of the Pantheon and many other inaccessible places... A fabulous journey of emotions, surprises and wonder!

How was the experiment carried out?

With a teleportation time of 18 minutes, Paris Caché is the largest cultural immersive visit attraction in France. In a 32-seat room, Flyview has brought together the most advanced technologies to create a totally unique experience: - Images shot in 8K with the help of drones above and inside the Parisian monuments thanks to the latest generation of cameras. - Latest generation HTC Vive Focus virtual reality headsets with audio - 360-degree special effects, motion design and 3D animations to offer a visit "enhanced" with visual and sound effects to add magic to the experience.

Who is the audience for this experience?

The experience is aimed at all types of visitors and is particularly suitable for young people. Children learn in a playful way the secret stories and anecdotes of the great Parisian monuments.

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