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January 15, 2024

Launching new experiences for businesses

Starting in September 2023 and in partnership with Coqs en Pâte, FlyView, now offers interactive but also collaborative and memorable experiences for businesses.

Since its launch in 2018, FlyView has set itself apart in the team-building and event market by offering unique, hair-raising virtual reality experiences in a totally exotic setting.

Customers, employees, teams... are instantly immersed in unusual places as if they were really there.

Flying over Paris or France in a jetpack, teleporting to places that are usually inaccessible, these are just some of the surprising and original experiences you can share with your colleagues or customers. Escape is guaranteed!

New interactive and collaborative Team Building and Events

To meet corporate expectations even more effectively, we are broadening our horizons by offering experiences specially designed to strengthen bonds within teams and stimulate participant commitment.

By teaming up with Les Coqs en Pâte, experts in Gamification, Team Building and escape games for 13 years, FlyView will be offering fun and original collaborative experiences from September onwards!

Whether it's challenging colleagues in an interactive quiz, venturing together in a captivating game, or solving thrilling puzzles, we now offer team-building experiences.

Laughter, challenges and creativity ..... are all there to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit and create unforgettable memories.

With turnkey formulas that can include privatization of the space, a catering offer or a photo session, 100m2 of space accommodating up to 150 people... FlyView caters to companies of all sizes, adapting to their needs.

FlyView adjusts its concept to suit the market

The world has changed, and we've changed with it. At FlyView, we understand the importance of human connection and need. Now more than ever, we need to come together, interact and collaborate more closely. That's why we've rethought our approach and developed this new partnership to offer these new experiences

To make this approach a reality, we have invested in a brand new space that can accommodate groups of up to 100 people. Ultramodern in design, this space has been conceived to guarantee immersion and a change of scenery in a universe where entertainment, pleasure and interaction take pride of place.

We remain true to our core mission of providing our customers with unforgettable leisure experiences, while evolving to offer experiences that bring people together, stimulate creativity and strengthen bonds.

With this new collaborative and fun offering, corporate events take on a whole new dimension.

The proposed experiments

-Mission Agent 006: Immerse yourself in an immersive adventure and use your investigative skills in our Mission, where every decision counts to complete your mission.

-Le Grand Quizz: Test your knowledge and compete against your colleagues in our frenzied quiz, where a variety of challenges and captivating themes await you.

-Arsène Lupin: let yourself be drawn into the world of Arsène Lupin and solve complex puzzles in our captivating puzzle adventure game.

-Be a Star: Become the star of the evening with our experience, combining blind tests, quizzes and lively choreography.

"We can't wait to introduce businesses to what virtual escape and interactive collaboration have in store for you. We're ready to welcome you to our new space, for a fun and modern technological adventure, where every moment will be an experience in its own right."

Sophie Lemonde

Marketing and Sales Manager - FlyView Paris



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