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A groundbreaking virtual reality experience inside the Cathedral, before and after the fire.

Teleport into the cathedral in virtual reality, as if you were really there. One year following the tragic fire that devastated Notre-Dame, and while the Paris Cathedral remains heavily weakened and inaccessible to the public, FlyView takes you inside.


You will be taken inside Notre-Dame de Paris as it stood before the fire, from its vast central nave and gargoyles, to the bells and the sacristy. Thanks to real life, 360 
images filmed before the fire, you will discover the incredible history of Paris’ Cathedral and get an intimate glimpse backstage using a virtual reality headset.


And that’s not all. The visit continues, revealing what’s behind the screens and inviting you to see the cathedral in its current state. You are at the epicenter of the ruined cathedral, at the very spot where the flaming spire fell and crashed through the vault. Before you, the marble is fractured, the floor remains strewn with rubble. From the interior of the cathedral, to the scaffolding hanging over the void, you will be transported through a unique experience, gripping with emotion.

295x298 Revivre Notre Dame
Immersion 360°
Minimum Height : 4 feet
32 places
35 min
  • On site rate : 21,50€
  • Web rate : 19,50€
  • Web family rate : 16,50€ per person
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