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An impressively realistic experience of flying over Paris and its best-known sights

FlyView is proud to offer a thrilling new way to explore Paris. Discover the city’s most beautiful sights from a totally unique and breathtaking perspective as you fly over Paris with your jetpack. Experience unforgettable moments from high above one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

The incredible experience of flying over Paris

The incredible experience of flying over Paris

Strap on your jet pack and prepare to be amazed. Through the latest in virtual-reality technology, you’ll take flight over Paris to experience the city as you’ve never seen it before!

An amazingly realistic sensation of flight and immersive 360° images offer a totally original alternative to traditional tours of Paris.FlyView is a unique opportunity to explore Paris in an all-new way, and share a moment of excitement and adventure with friends and family of all ages.

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The great monuments of Paris… from a bird’s-eye view

The great monuments of Paris… from a bird’s-eye view

Experience Paris like never before with a real, spectacular and totally unique perspective on the French capital. Get up close and personal with famous sights like the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame de Paris, and more.

Explore Paris from the sky, with all-new live-action images actually filmed from the air above the city.

Located in the heart of Paris, on the Place de l’Opéra, FlyView offers a truly unique experience that fits perfectly into any visit to the city.

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Bonus An incredible visit

After your Paris Flyover, extend your experience with an incredible flight to the four corners of the earth! Escape to faraway lands and explore exceptional locations from a totally original point of view, places like the Great Wall of China, Victoria Falls in Africa, Angel Falls in Venezuela and more.

We invite you to fly with us for five extra minutes on a trip to see more breathtaking 360° views.

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Bonus An incredible visit
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to take flight with FlyView

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An immersive virtual-reality experience that feels like really flying over Paris

Eiffel Tower In Paris France

Get up close and personal with 10 famous monuments

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Unique perspectives actually filmed from the air over Paris

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In the heart of Paris, on Place de l’Opéra

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A thrilling experience to share with family and friends

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