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An opportunity to introduce your group to a place where culture meets innovation for an educational and fun output.

It’s virtually possible to discover the history of our heritage in a fun atmosphere! That’s exactly what FlyView implies: Fly over Paris on board of a jet-pack in virtual reality with a 360° view of its monuments!

Inside 10764 square feet take-off area next to Place de l’Opéra, have them take of in the sky of Paris and admire the monuments of the city of lights in a unique way, from higher above!

On top of that: Make them discover 7 extraordinary natural sites across the globe.

A fun cultural visit over the Parisian décor to share with the group!

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An unprecedented school trip!

Meet FlyView where technology and cultural heritage made a beautiful promise to give you an educational and fun output that your group will never forget.

Give your students a panoramic view at 360° on the places that made the history and let them visualize the beauty of our heritage with a bird’s eye. Make them discover the details of our architecture with their naked eye for an enriching cultural experience.

Stimulate their senses through an innovative adventure on board of our jet-packs that were equipped with virtual reality headsets. A real vision of the monuments of Paris with an epic point of view: The sky !

It’s the ideal school trips and recreation centers outing!

FlyView Notre Dame 07

A revolutionary cultural experience

FlyView was born from the idea of reinventing the way we visit places and making accessible to the naked eye the sight of the monuments in a unique way : From above and close up.

Get on board of a jet-pack inside a huge take off area as you go higher on top of the most beautiful city the world has to offer. Thanks to a revolutionary process, you will feel every movement from the take-off to the landing, at every pivoting, every lateral movement you will feel the wind caressing your cheeks and the moves of the jet-pack.

A real life-like simulation of flight that was adopted by the younger public in the most visited city of the world.

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A revolutionary  cultural experience

An innovative outing!


FlyView, the unique experience in virtual reality that allows you to take off and fly over Paris for a fun and unforgettable scholar trip or recreation center outing!

  • A visit of Parris and its monuments with an extraordinary point of view!
  • A fun experience to live within a group!


Up to 48 people capacity simultaneously.


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In the city center of Paris

Next to Place de L’Opéra : 30 rue du 4 septembre 75002 Paris

FlyView Plan Acc S

Historic sites to admire

A successful day !

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A successful  day !