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Answers to all your questions about the FlyView Paris experience:

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality involves projecting a visual world inside of a headset worn by a viewer, who then becomes immersed in that world. The technology used by FlyView is more accurately described as “immersive reality”, since visitors are immersed in a world of real images of Paris.  Each viewer can look in 360 degrees in all directions — left, right, up or down — as if they were really there.


Is there an age or height limit for kids?

The minimum height for entry is 1.20 m (4 feet) tall. All visitors under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during their visit.


How can I make a reservation?

Space is limited, so we strongly recommend that you reserve your tickets in advance at www.flyview360.com. A ticket counter is also available on the premises, however.


How many people can participate at once?

FlyView Paris has two launch areas, each of which is equipped with 25 jetpacks. You can enjoy the experience by yourself, as a couple, as a family, or with friends.


How long does the experience last?

The flight lasts just under 15 minutes but you should allow 35 to 40 minutes for the whole experience.

 The Paris Flyover + World Bonus flight lasts 18 minutes, but make sure to plan time for the entire experience, which takes 40 minutes.


Where is FlyView Paris?

FlyView is located at 30 rue du 4 septembre, at the corner of the Place de l’Opéra. The nearest metro station is Opéra on lines 3, 7 and 8.


Can I keep my glasses on for the experience?

Of course! You can keep your glasses on under the virtual reality headset.


Is the site accessible to people with disabilities?

Yes, the site is accessible to people with disabilities. Reduced-price tickets are available for purchase on-site only. Come to the information desk when you arrive, and we will be happy to assist you.


What hygienic measures do you use?

All headsets are cleaned after every use.


Does the FlyView experience cause motion sickness like some virtual-reality attractions?

For the vast majority of visitors, no. The jetpack moves in parallel with the movements seen in the headset, so your brain feels the same motions that it sees.  This is very different from virtual reality experiences that project films of roller coasters, motorcycle rides or acrobatic flights, causing viewers to lose their sense of balance and become nauseous.


Is the FlyView experience scary? Will I get dizzy from the “height” of my virtual flight?

That’s definitely not our goal.  FlyView is designed to offer visitors an enjoyable ride over Paris, with magnificent views and pleasant sensations.  Visitors may be impressed by the experience of flying and by certain high-altitude sequences, but we hope that your general impression will be one of enchantment with the beauty of Paris and the thrill of flying.

However, if you have an intense fear of heights, we might recommend that you opt out of the experience. 


Is it appropriate for senior citizens?

FlyView is accessible to visitors of all ages.



Is it accessible for people with heart problems?

The flight over Paris is a “gentle” one, but for your safety, you must be in good health and not affected by high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness, epilepsy or other health problems that might be aggravated.


Can we eat lunch on the premises?

It is not possible to eat on FlyView premises. The site does not offer any restaurant services. Food and beverages are also prohibited on our premises.



Can I bring a school group to FlyView?

FlyView is accessible to school groups by reservation. Contact our sales department: booking@flyview360.com



Can I reserve FlyView for a private event?

FlyView can be reserved for private events. . Contact our sales department: booking@flyview360.com



What language is it presented in?

Anyone can enjoy the FlyView experience, regardless of language. The film shown in the virtual reality headsets does not include any written or spoken commentary. The experience is focused entirely on images and movement.



Are there any types of clothes I should avoid wearing? (high-heeled shoes, short skirts, etc.)

Any type of clothing is suitable for the FlyView Experience. However, since you will be standing up throughout your flight experience, you may prefer to wear comfortable shoes.