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The incredible history of FlyView

FlyView was born of a childhood dream: to escape gravity, take off and fly.  The dream of seeing the world from above, as free as a bird.

FlyView was born of our passion for beautiful places.  Historic cities, extraordinary monuments, vast and imposing national parks… The world has so many wonderful things to offer.

FlyView was born of our desire to invent a new way to visit these beautiful places and make it accessible to as many people as possible.  A way that lets people explore these sites from a revolutionary point of view: from above and up close.  A perspective that is both global and intimate in nature, with panoramic views and fine details, and most importantly, a fun and exciting experience: a virtual tour of Paris.

The FlyView project was launched in 2014, after several years of planning. We assembled a team of talented experts from all the appropriate professions.  We designed the experience we wanted for our users, assembled the different technological components, and imagined the world we wanted to present; finally, financial supporters with a passion for our project provided the funds.

The FlyView device is patented: FR 3046285.

The flyview story in pictures